V for Vendetta 2 (bin) Now Release

I spent a lot of time on this project, so if you want to get this new book, please do donations of 10$. Send a confirmation by e-mail. You will get a feedback code.

Name:    V for Vendetta 2
Alias:      v4v2
Date:      2012-12-11  (Little Update - 2012-12-17)
Size:       68,4(127)  MB  
File:        Bin File (PolyGlot Format)

"V for Vendetta 2" opening book release notes:
• Based on Cluster Games
• Based on Super Computer Games - average 2650-2700 Elo and More
• Based on Best Engine Games in the World
• "V for Vendetta 2" is a tournament book, recommended to be used for serious competitions
• Lines are hand tuned and carefully optimized (Improved for styles of the TOP UCI )
• Recommended to allow box "Best Book Move" in configuration UCI
• Recommended Engine : Houdini3PRO , Stockfish , Komodo
• Recommended Time Control "10800+15" - "180 m + 15s  6cores/8cores