PlayChessEngines Games

Played parties on Playchess Site in all 2008 and 2009 were put in the tuck PGN. Also You can find here games till 2010-08 => only the best played games. All games were checked maually and reduce about superfluous information.

Playchessengines 2010.01-08 (ONLY BEST GAMES)
Playchessengines 2009 (ONLY BEST GAMES)
Playchessengines 2008 (ONLY BEST GAMES)
Password => http://sekoschess.blogspot.com/

And here You can find Chess Games from PlayOk Service

PlayOk Game 2010 I(ONLY BEST GAMES)
PlayOk Game 2010 II(ONLY BEST GAMES)

ICCF Games 2010.06-27 (ONLY BEST GAMES)